Ljunghäll AB nominated for Daimler Supplier Award

Dr. Marcus Schoenenberg, Vice President Global Procurement Trucks & Buses, Daimler AG:

"Ljunghall. From idea to real-life product in only 12 months: For our Daimler Trucks heavy duty engine platform, you delivered camshaft housings and flywheel housings of an extraordinary quality right from the start! You worked twice as fast as it normally takes. On time, on budget, and perfect quality!"


High precision engine component

Gnutti Carlo is global leader in the development and supply of severe-duty and high performance valve train and fuel injection components for construction, agricultural, marine, genset and transportation engines.

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Our Core Values

We respect the role of people inside our organization and value their input.
Integrity is our simple “code of conduct”.
Agile, Lean
We strive to reduce “waste” in any internal process. We need to continuously reduce complexity and “think lean” every time we design any kind of process.
Proud to be part of the GNUTTI GROUP
We aspire to have a team of highly committed people, proud to be part of a successful organization where everybody is aiming at same target.

Ljunghäll AB nominated for Daimler Supplier Award

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